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    There are many benefits to incorporating organization as part of your family’s daily routine. Especially in these uncertain times where there are so many uncertainties, it can bring peace to everyone’s expectations and structure for physical and mental wellbeing. * Scheduling exercise as playtime, setting limits with electronics, and substituting it with quiet reading are some examples. * Having each person be responsible for choosing dinner and helping, based on their age, will keep nutrition a priority for healthy bodies. * Having game nights and family dance parties can keep some flexible fun planned too! * Ending the day with a structured sleep time and knowing what time people need to wake up the next day will also allow for plenty of restful sleep to tackle the challenges of a new day.

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    At Bricolage our focus is on helping those with emotional and/or substance-abuse issues that are facing adversity in their lives. How do we teach children to do this? By learning to solve problems in a supportive environment to use the knowledge they already possess. Bricolage offers innovative behavioral health services for children and teens.